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Quality assurance 

Quality assurance

In many countries, both within and outside of Europe, Osteopathy is recognized as medical science. Osteopathy gained popularity in The Netherlands too, but is not included in the coverage of the legally obliged healthcare insurance yet. Most insurance companies do have coverage for Osteopathy in their supplementary insurances; you can read down below whether that is the case for you too.

Every single Osteopath at our practice has the D.O MRO title.

In the Netherlands, the quality of Osteopathic treatments is monitored and protected by the College of Osteopaths (CvO). Besides that, the Dutch Association of Osteopaths (Nederlandse Vereniging van Osteopaten, NVO) strives to gain acknowledgment from mainstream medicine in The Netherlands. Registered Osteopaths at the NRO carry the protected title DO-MRO®.

Osteopathy Laarman is entered in the NRO register. Every single Osteopath at our office has the D.O MRO title. After obtaining the title D.O MRO, there is a possibility to continue education to receive the International Master’s degree MSc. Ost. Med. This degree is the highest level of education for Osteopathy.

The Osteopaths at Osteopathy Laarman already possess this title or are currently working on obtaining this title. At Osteopathy Laarman, we meet all the quality standards and requirements in terms of Osteopathy at all times.