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What is osteopathy?

Everything inside the body moves, from muscles to veins, from intestines to joints. Osteopathy is a manual form of healing. It focuses on the movement of the body, and the movement inside the body, to optimize the wellbeing of the human.

Everything in the body moves, from muscles to blood vessels and, from intestines to joints.

Osteopathy works from the concept that humans are living organisms and that they are a structural and functional entity (anatomically and physiological). Structure and function influence each other both ways through vascular (blood), neurological (nerves), lymphatic (drainage and immune mechanisms), endocrine (hormonal), biomechanical (movement), and physiological pathways. These systems are active to keep a person healthy and combat illness. When a part of the body does not properly function, it could have consequences for all other systems.

The following metaphor might help you to get a better understanding of osteopathy: If the light in your hallway stopped working, you would probably replace the lamp. An osteopath does not only replace the bulb but checks the power supply, the light switch, and the fuse box. It could be regular wear and tear that causes the light to stop working, but it could also be the supply of too little or too much power. In the latter case, your replacement lamp will not be working for long, either. The patient is the starting point for the osteopath, not just the complaint that the patient is having.