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and fertility

Osteopathy supports with the desire of having a child:

Is getting pregnant not something that comes to you easily? And is there no medical explanation for this? An appointment with one of our osteopaths could help you get some movement in the process. A lot of processes have to take place in order for the body to get pregnant. It is quite the miracle how a fertilized egg develops itself all the way into becoming a beautiful baby. Hormones, blood flow and mobility of the uterus and ovaries play an important role in fertility. When mobility is decreased, as a result of for example abdominal-pelvic surgeries, inflammations or trauma, this may have an effect on fertilization.

An osteopathic treatment can have a positive effect on the blood flow and mobility of your uterus and ovaries.

Osteopathy during pregnancy:

When you’re pregnant, your belly expands as a result of the growth of your baby and uterus. This puts pressure on your pelvis and lower back. In addition, the hormones make sure your ligaments and joints become more flexible. This can cause unpleasant physical complaints such as pelvic, back and neck complaints, stomach achids, shortness of breath, etc. An osteopathic treatment can offer a solution and help your body to cope with the changes. Curious if you can go to the osteopath with your complaints? Feel free to contact our practice!


Do your physical symptoms persist or worsen after giving birth? Do you still suffer from pelvic, neck, shoulder or back related complaints, incontinence or other bladder problems? Our osteopaths may be able to help you. They can also help with the c-section scar or episiotomy (cut during delivery).

After abdominal surgery, almost everyone develops adhesions in the abdomen. With a cesarean section, this mostly happens between the scar and the uterus. Other places where it might occur are between the uterus and the small intestine or between the uterus and the bladder. Following complaints and symptoms usually occur around the back and hip area. This is because the scar tissue pulls in such a way that it blocks the sacrum, hip or lower back. Even years after the operation this can cause issues.

Other regular complaints after having had a cesarean section are bladder problems, such as urine loss or having to urinate more often in smaller amounts.
The obtained adhesions can also cause intestinal problems, as the mobility of the intestine has decreased. Due to the presence of these adhesions, diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal pain, abdominal distention, nausea or constipation are possible.

The first treatment with the osteopath can be planned approximately 6 weeks after delivery. Curious if you can go to the osteopath with your complaints? Please feel free to contact our practice!