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Vincent Komen


Vincent Komen

During my internship, while studying physiotherapy, I came in touch with osteopathy. The entire approach of a patient directly caught my attention. Whereas a physiotherapist usually treats locally, an osteopath looks at the bigger picture and therefore looks at what is causing the discomfort. The cause could be elsewhere in the body from where the patient experiences pain.

After studying physiotherapy, I consequently started at the International Academy of Osteopathy. During that, I worked for four years as a physiotherapist, where I slowly started to incorporate more and more osteopathy practices. During my study, I came across Ilona and her practice, where I did my internship for three years.

Ilona taught me many techniques. After obtaining my osteopathy degree, I started working at Osteopathie Laarman. I still take pleasure in helping people that have been dealing with physical complaints for years and often think that there is no solution possible.


Tuesday, 10:45/19:45 in IMC Visana, Amsterdam-Oost
Wednesday, 08:00/17:00 in The Prehabstudio, Amsterdam-West
Thursday, 08:45/17:45 in IMC Visana, Amsterdam-Oost
Friday, 08:00/17:00 in IMC Visana, Amsterdam-Oost



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